Odyssey Geelong Year 11 and 12 Media Studies Film Festival is pleased to invite all audience members to judge ‘Audience Favourite’ film.

All ticket holders are now asked to download our Mobile Voting App, designed by Chris McDermott.

The App is available on either Android or iPhone. Download it now, then make sure to ‘update’ the App late November to make sure you have the latest films. If you’ve purchased a ticket, you’ll receive a reminder close to the screen date to download or update.

On screening nights, as you watch, you will be able to press a ‘star’ rating for each and every film.

1 star – I thought it was ok
2 stars – I liked it
3 stars – I thought it was good
4 stars – I thought it was great

Votes will be tallied at the screening and the ‘Audience Favourite’ trophy and prize will be awarded on the night. A ‘Best Film’ trophy and prize will also be awarded by a panel of ‘peer’ judges made of of past participants and tertiary film students under 25 years of age.